Victoria Hanna

Vocalist and Performance Artist

Victoria Hannah researches ancient texts and translates their mystical nature into music, which she sings with her astonishing vocal range. Her most recent work is inspired by Jerusalem; she uses ancient Hebrew holy texts and prayers which she then reworks with theater, video projection, and spoken word. Born wit a speech impediment, Hanna found singing as a way to overcome her stuttering. It prompted her to study sound, diction, and vocal technique. Her studies paid off as she now performs all over the world. In a workshop in the Terezin concentration camp, she worked alongside Bobby McFerrin, Gogol Bordello, Balkan Beat Box and Mariana Sadovska. Though she has been performing for two decades, her first album just came out this year. Her performance at Meltingpot is called, „Mouths Create Worlds: The Art of Voice and Language.“.