Stanislav Komárek

Essayist and Professor of the History of Science

As a writer and academic, Stanislav Komárek writes and studies the intersection between science and philosophy. He mostly delves into the history of biology, the relationship between nature and culture, biological aesthetics, and the works of Adolf Portmann and Carl Gustav Jung. He started his academic life studying entomology (or the study of insects) at Charles University in Prague. He then immigrated to Austria. He returned to Prague in 1990 to join the Biology faculty at Charles University. Later he became one of the founding members of the Department of Philosophy and History of Natural Sciences, where he continues to work today. Komárek has won awards for lecturing in entomology. He also is well known for his popular science essays in magazines like Tvar, Vesmár, Prostor and Analogon. In 2006, he won the Tom Stoppard Award for essay writing.