Soňa Červená

World-Renowned Opera Singer and Actress

Soňa Červená was born into music, as her father, Jiří Čevený, was the founder of the famous Prague cabaret, “Červená Sedma,” or “The Red Seven.” Following the urge towards art that was seemingly in her blood, Červená began her career in theater right after World War II before switching her focus to opera and classical music. In opera, she found her calling and was a soloist in operas in Vienna, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Lisbon, and in countless great German opera houses. Today, despite being in her 90s, she continues to work in the industry, inspiring younger colleagues. Opera aside, Červená also dabbled in modern music projects with Loud Reed and Robert Wilson. She has received the Thalia Award (2004), the Alfréd Radok Award (2009) and the Gold Medal in the Arts from the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington (2013). She was awarded the First Grade Medal of Merit for Arts in 2013 at the Prague Castle.