Rocky Dawuni

Reggae Singer and Activist Working With UNICEF

“We are the branches of the one common human tree, we have one set of roots and we should focus on what unites us, not what divides us,“ said renowned reggae singer and activist Rocky Dawuni in his sixth album, Branches of the Same Tree. Reggae became a codename for the struggle for independence and a soundtrack for many wars, thanks to Bob Marley. Rocky Dawuni keeps alive the legacy of his idol by keeping this political activism alive in his music and life.

A student of philosophy and psychology coming from a family of 10, Dawuni always felt a calling from African music and reggae. When he met his lifelong partner, American photographer Cary Sullivan, he moved part-time to the USA, where he released his first album in 1996 and kicked off his musical career. He is cultural ambassador of Ghana and works with UNICEF. Yet his rhetoric hasn’t changed despite his great international success: Africa is so naturally rich but doesn’t deserve so much poverty, war and other catastrophes.