Markéta Baňková

Author and Artist Focused on Internet Art.

Markéta Baňková is an accomplished author and new media artist. She began her work studying graphics and new media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Many of her art projects are experimental in nature and involve “net-art” or Internet art. Some of her significant art projects include a New York City Map project ( In this immersive Internet experience, Baňková documents an emotional stroll through New York, where photographs are connected to specific sounds and diary entries. She also created Scribble, a web project that allows users to “scribble” over online news sites ( When she isn’t creating visual art, Baňková is writing fiction books about the mysteries of the natural world. Some themes include quantum mechanics, genetics, neuroscience and hypnosis. Her works have a sense of dark humor and absurdism. Her first book, Straka v říši entropie (Magpie in the Realm of Entropy), popularizes the laws of physics and became a bestseller. It won the Discovery of the Year Award by Magnesia Litera. Baňková also illustrates her own books.