Karel Janeček

Czech Mathematician, Entrepreneur and Anti-Corruption Activist

Using his mathematics expertise, Karel Janeček does algorithmic derivatives trading, fights corruption, and develops new approaches to citizen engagement. As a professor, Janeček teaches financial mathematics at Charles University in Prague. He knows the subject well, as he founded RSJ Algorithmic Trading, which is one of the world’s biggest financial derivative traders of its kind. Janeček is also engaged in civic endeavors. He founded Democracy 2.1, which is an algorithmic voting method that allows voters to cast more than one vote in order to have a greater say in decision-making. They have pilot projects all over the world. In 2011, he cofounded the Endowment Fund Against Corruption in the Czech Republic. He is well involved in philanthropic activities, having founded the Neuron Fund for Support of Science, which promotes scientific research in the Czech Republic. Finally, Janeček continues to contribute to mathematics research, particularly in studying gambling, card counting, and optimal betting theory.