David Storch

Czech Biologist Focused on Macrobiology and Evolutionary Ecology

David Storch is a Czech biologist working in the fields of macrobiology, evolutionary ecology and the ecological theory. He particularly studies the spread of fauna and flora from regional to global scale. Storch studied Biology at Charles University in Prague, then continued his study and work at the University of Sheffield in the UK and the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, USA. Currently he is the director of the Center for Theoretical Studies at Charles University in addition to being a professor in the Ecological Department of the Faculty of Biology there. Along with P.A. Marquet and J.H. Brown, Storch is the co-author of Biology of the Landscape: Biotopes of the Czech Republic, An Introduction to Contemporary Ecology and How Evolution is Made. Storch also edited a book called Scaling Biodiversity, published by Cambridge University Press. He is the editor of the Ecology Letters magazine, a member of the editorial board of the Vesmír magazine and the chairman of the Czech Ecological Company Committee.