Clemens Kuby 

German Writer, Filmmaker and Self-healing Advocate

As a bestseller writer, prize winning filmmaker and well known contributor, Clemens Kuby advocates for self-healing and deep inner spirituality. In 1981 Kuby became paralyzed after a terrible accident and every doctor said he never will walk again. After one year Kuby walked out of the clinic on his feet. He credits his so called spontaneous healing to a development of his consciousness which changed his actual life completely. Today he teaches such self-healing-processes with great success.
In the 80th he founded the green party in Germany, the first one in the world, but realized that the new, elected, green politicians had the same character as the other politicians and left his party. One month later he had his accident. Today he is giving seminars how to become a better character. This happens mostly when the suffering in our lives gets too much.
People love Kuby’s method mental healing™. Once they experienced their U-turn and got healthy and happy by their own development of their consciousness, they have a much more lovely life with this method. At the colours meltingpot festival Kuby gives you four opportunities to see the way how to become a free, self-determined, self-healing being. In his four events he supports you strongly to make your first steps in this direction.